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Uguņošanas rūpnīcas seja ar augstas temperatūras brīvdienām

Laiks: 2023-06-27 Rezultāti: 9

Now the high temperature break is approching. All the Liuyang fireworks factories are classified by government as three grades, Class A (61 factories), Class B (261 factories), and Class C (84 factories).

It is reported that the Class A factories can work till July 20, and Class B factories can work till July 15, Class C factories can work till July 10, or longer. It sounds good news. But the bad news saying the high temperature break will last till October 8, by the end of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou -- Which means 30 days longer than normal years.

All the factories capacity in the fireworks industry are strongly influenced by the domestic market demanding and high pricing since the end of 2022. No matter the small items and big items (big cakes and display shells) orders making are slower than normal years, because the factories capacity are occupied by bunches of deomestic orders, and the pricing are as high as foreign orders. or even higher.

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