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Pekinas sanāksmju laikā visas uguņošanas rūpnīcas tiek slēgtas

Laiks: 2023-03-13 Rezultāti: 13

Pekinas sanāksmju laikā no 4. gada 13. marta līdz 2023. martam visas uguņošanas rūpnīcas tiek slēgtas Liuyang, Liling un Jiangxi. Šajā periodā visas kravas automašīnas nevar piegādāt arī uguņošanas ierīces.


Factory will return to work from March 14, but 10 days has been passed with good weather. Our are very busy making orders for US customers which needed to be deliver by the end of April. And we will busy making orders for Europe cusrtomers before high temperature break as well.  

This year many factories which making foreign orders will take a big percent of capacity to make products for domestic market. Domestic market has big demanding since Jan 2023, including the display shells and cakes / singe rows for display shows and small items (fireworks without aerial explode) and the pricing are higher than foreign market.